Syllable Media is established to bring life-changing news and updates to the whole wide world with the opportunities that latest technologies now offer. We shall update news and content that edify humanity and not advancing religious “separatism”. While the world is our canvas, the focus will start from the West Yorkshire part of the globe.

Syllable Media shall provide information, inspiration, and encouragement that will stimulate healthy discoures in the world. We shall be the center point for readers yearning for quality news and information.

This medium shall be a news aggregator that pulls news together from all over the world. We aim this will change the lives of many people and also serve as a market place of ideas and opinions where people all over the world can engage, exchange and share knowledge, skills, resources and passions.

We seek your cooperation. We seek your support. And we seek your contributions in terms of write-ups, links, photographs, cartoons and everything that you think will educate and inform the public.

Please send us links to events all over the world and we shall endeavour to send our reporters there to cover on our behalf. Or in the alternative, you can send us your Press Releases or Events Calendar and they shall be considered for publication on the website.

Our end mission is to publish a quarterly glossy magazine that will be distributed for a small amount all over the world. We are enthusiastic about partnership and already work with individuals and organisations who share our vision. We would welcome your ideas and contribution.

If you think you can be part of this vision, please contact us HERE.

Thanks and God bless.

Morak Babajide-Alabi,
Twitter: @AGEGEBread